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Desert Sand Dunes

So You Do Not Break

Learn to Bend 


Self Reflection

I endured over a decade of career-driven burnout before coming to the realization that I was not living. I was stuck in a pattern of making it through each day, looking forward to my next vacation, my next career success, my next big thing, my next meal, etc... I lived for the future. I forgot that my life was right here, at this moment too. I was motivated by future accomplishments, distracted from the present, and a victim of the past.

"There is a good Zen story of a student who went to a roshi (a teacher) demanding to be taught the secret of enlightenment.


Instead of saying something, the roshi began to pour the student a cup of tea. The cup became full, yet the maser kept on pouring and the tea spilled over onto the floor.


"My cup is full, Master. Why do you keep on pouring more and more into the cup?" The student asked.


"Like this cup of tea, your mind is already filled with something. If I pour my knowledge into your cup, it will just go onto the floor because there is no room in your mind for it. You will interpret my instructions according to what you already think, your own beliefs. Your mind will not be able to accept the truth I provide you."

-The Living Gita, by Sri Swami Satchidananda


You can find the balance that you seek, you only need to open your mind to the unknown and allow new information to guide you. - Brooke Coleman

A cute and fun photos of Brooke's family

Good Reads


I am not much into fiction novels but here is my current shortlist

Non Fiction

There are so many!! These ones listed here changed my life...

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