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Tapping Into Your Power

In a world that often glorifies emotional stoicism and a facade of strength, it's time to recognize that true power lies in vulnerability. The ability to embrace your vulnerability is a testament to your strength and courage, as it takes far more effort to be open and genuine than to hide behind a mask. Why is vulnerability the key to creating authentic relationships, genuine happiness, and unlocking your greatest potential? Let's discuss...

The Illusion of Strength

Society sometimes fosters the illusion that emotional consistency and concealing our true selves is a sign of strength. We're taught to believe that maintaining a facade of composure in the face of life's challenges is the epitome of resilience. However, true strength lies in being unapologetically yourself, acknowledging your vulnerabilities, and allowing yourself to be human.

The Power of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable requires immense strength. It's about expressing your thoughts, feelings, and truths without fear of judgment or rejection. It's confronting your own highs and lows, and, in doing so, finding the power within you to rise above adversity. The superficial behavior that some mistake for strength is merely a defense mechanism, while vulnerability is the gateway to your greatest power.

Seeing Beyond Distractions

To tap into your true power, you must learn to see beyond distractions and focus on your own truths. Embrace your uniqueness and stop caring about what others think. The fear of rejection or judgment can be paralyzing, but once you release that fear, you'll attract those who resonate with your authenticity, leading to more meaningful and intimate relationships. If you are masking who you are, you will attract those who are similar, ending in unhealthy relationships and "DRAMA". Many claim to not be a drama lama, because they don't like it, but stay engulfed in chaos. This can be a direct result of forming unauthentic relationships due to unauthentic projections of oneself. Who are you? What do you like? Be that and do that. Those that are similar in nature will begin to surround you. Yes, you will lose frienemies, maybe even family members. Who cares? Did they make you truly happy?

Distinguishing Between Trauma and Intuition

A crucial aspect of stepping into your power is the ability to distinguish between trauma responses and intuition. Your intuition is your innate guide, offering calm and confident guidance. It doesn't induce stress or anxiety. If you find that your decisions are overwhelming, if you are feeling a sensation physically in your body, it may be your trauma leading your choices rather than your intuition. Learn the difference. Do some research. Trust the soft voice within you; it knows you better than you know yourself.

Setting Intentions and Goals

To step into your power, it's essential to set intentions and have clear goals. How can you amplify what you're not aware of? Vulnerability, intuition, and discernment collectively help you discover your true, authentic intentions. Once you've identified what you want and claimed it, your power is ignited. Quit living haphazardly. BE INTENTIONAL.

There is no doubt that embracing vulnerability is the key to creating authentic relationships and unlocking your greatest power. It takes immense strength to be open and genuine in a world that often encourages superficial behavior. By shedding the fear of rejection, distinguishing between trauma and intuition, and setting clear intentions, you can harness your true power and live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Embrace your vulnerability and step into your greatness!!!

Love you,


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