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Embracing Growth and Staying Grounded

This year has been nothing short of incredible for me in terms of manifestations. As someone who firmly believes in the power of manifesting one’s desires, I have seen my goals come to fruition in ways that are both direct and pleasantly surprising. While some manifestations have materialized exactly as I envisioned, others have taken different forms. Yet, each has delivered what I sought.

One of my significant achievements this year has been becoming a Reiki practitioner. Seeing this particular manifestation come to fruition so early in the year was incredibly rewarding. Being able to check that box in full faith felt amazing.

On the flip side, another manifestation I was particularly excited about was my plan to go to Morocco for YIN yoga certification this May. Life, however, had different plans. My kids’ end-of-school parties took precedence, and as a mom, they come first in my world. While I couldn’t make the trip this May, I didn’t let go of my dream. I booked the YIN training in Morocco for next June, securing my spot this May. In my eyes, this manifestation has been brought to fruition because I committed to it and ensured it would happen next year.

There are literally too many to list. Leading my retreat in Costa Rica is another huge one.

However, there is still one major manifestation I am working on that I can’t quite announce yet. It’s been a project I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to, and I am super excited about what’s coming. When I got the call a couple of months ago, I knew this was it. I can’t wait to share the news about what’s arriving here in the Pooler area later this year. Stay tuned, as I promise you won’t want to miss this zen announcement!

That being said, I’ve made a heartfelt decision to postpone my planned Napa retreat this fall. As much as I know it would be loads of fun, I feel the universe is telling me that this fall is going to need me to be grounded and focused on growth. I feel led to stay put and nurture the incredible developments happening right here and now.

One of the most significant lessons I've learned this year is the importance of tuning into my internal compass and trusting my intuition. There have been many moments when I felt a strong pull to change direction, and each time, following that inner guidance has led to amazing outcomes. It’s not always easy to trust these instincts, especially when plans have already been set in motion, but I've found that my intuition never leads me astray.

This fall, I am being called to stay grounded and focused on the growth and transformations unfolding in my life. It’s a time for integration and realignment, creating the space for something extraordinary to bloom. By listening to my inner voice, I am honoring the path that feels right for me, even if it means postponing exciting plans like the Napa retreat.

Thank you for your understanding and support as I navigate this journey. I invite you to stay tuned and witness the unfolding of this journey—the announcement coming will be life-changing.

With infinite love,


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