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Today is the launch!!

Today is THE day! Not only am I beyond excited to announce this new journey with you all, but it is also the beginning of ARIES season. How much more of an Aries can I be? To be so intentional and strategic in my delivery, I am such a drama queen. Psssssh. You just wait.

I will keep this intro post short and sweet.

Life is hard. You eat crow on the regular. It is even harder for an empath that feels everything so deeply.

Some days I'd curse my parents for not building me tough, and not exposing me to how harsh the world is, but then I ground myself to know the TRUTH is that I am innately me regardless of life's circumstances. I was born with a divine purpose and nothing can truly alter my path. I will take this heart of gold and do good with it, regardless of the cards I am dealt.

The same goes for you. Your past traumas, sufferings, successes, upbringing, trials, friendships, all of it... all of your life has been so INTENTIONAL. You must fully surrender and open your mind to see and accept it. You aren't in control of your destiny. You never have been and never will be. It is a false sense of control that we as humans become so entangled in.

We can be victims of life or we can be happy participants. The choice is WITHIN YOU to make.

I CHOOSE HAPPINESS. I choose to make conscious efforts to enhance the quality of my life and to do something with it. My mind doesn't control me, my being does. We all spend too much time in our minds. WAKE UP, PEOPLE.

This past year changed my life in more ways than any other year. That will be surprising for you to accept once I delve more into my story one day.

I went from climbing the capitalist career mountain at a very high altitude, on track for a seven-figure income, to completely closing it all down in the blink of a day. Again, we will get into all of that in time, it isn't the story for here or now.

TODAY is the day I share with you my calling and my mission. I have decided to take everything that I am, the experience that I have been gifted, the powers that be, and the knowledge that I possess to collectively guide other career-driven individuals on their path to a healthy work/home life balance. My goal is to revitalize their minds, elevate their confidence, challenge their beliefs, and accelerate their careers.

Want to know how? Message me.

Love you,


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