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Manifesting. Does this mean you don't believe in God?

I have been asked this question several times lately and my response is always, "Why must everything be this or that? Why can't it be both or fall in between?".

Much of my future content will include "manifesting" so I feel it is best to take some time here to pave a foundation on my belief behind it.

I will start here, as this was a dialogue recently. --

Why does our human mind need to classify everything with a knowingness?

Knowingness (noun): pretending to already be informed, as contrasted with a willingness to learn.

We believe ourselves to be more omniscient than ignorant, especially as we age. We believe we earn more wisdom in time, through failures, successes, deaths, etc...We are quick to tell others what not to do based on our own experiences of things that challenged us, made us uncomfortable, etc... We think we know so much.

Wisdom is not single-handedly our experiences but also the ability to continue to learn, understand, and apply. The ability to have an open mind is key.

For many, the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" may apply, as you operate on the belief that it must be true.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. It is not the earthly age of the dog that keeps him/her from learning folks, it is its surroundings, its attitude, and also the teacher. The ability to learn doesn't just lie within the dog; it is the quality of the delivery and the efforts and wisdom of the person training too.

"If you believe in manifesting your life, does that mean you do not believe in God?"

My answer is, NO.

I ask you, "Why does it have to be this or that?"

It is your unconscious mind asking such a question. If you ponder the thought, you'll see that the divine is manifesting. What do you think prayer is? Why do we pray? What is faith?

"My salutations to the Lord who is the source of supreme bliss, whose grace makes the mute eloquent and the crippled cross mountains. This means that, with the grace of God, nothing is impossible."

Let's follow that for a moment. If with the grace of God, nothing is impossible, then wouldn't manifesting our lives be possible? Is our faith not able to be so richly planted that we are able to tap into the greater power and receive?

 Well, that would mean that we have little faith if not.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God: all else will be added unto you." Huh.

Manifest your life. Believe. Send out what you want and have faith. Claim it.

You must understand that when you ask for things, such as strength, you may be given that strength through trials and tribulations. If you ask for peace, God may send you through a hurricane to practice and cultivate it. Many things we already possess within us. It is our unconscious minds that confuse us and make us weak. We get everything we want through practice.

When I was little, I recall so many adults telling me, "Practice makes perfect". Yes, yes it does. That doesn't just pertain to sports though. You must practice being a good person, you must practice healthy eating, you must practice difficult conversations, you must practice your thinking...

You wouldn't climb Mount Everest without practice and training first, right? As a matter of fact, you are not allowed to climb it without the proper training. Why is that?

Speaking of practice, I recently read in a book that, "Jesus is the most incredible human being that ever lived, but the thing is, most Christians, don't act like him." I thought deeply about that for a moment. If you don't practice religion, is it truly a religion at all? Showing up for church on Sunday is practice for sure, but if you do not practice the knowledge bestowed in the messages, there is no growth. If you desire to follow Christ then follow him and "practice" the religion you stand behind. If you want to lead people to Christ then be an exemplary leader.

If you are emotionally triggered reading this right now, maybe spend some more time self-assessing why. If my words here offend you, then you may be just the person I am referencing. Don't be upset, just do better. I am not writing this to attack or cause discourse, I am writing it so that we can be better, WE CAN DO BETTER... Humans need to do better.

If you show up for church and hug necks and then talk about those same people in the car on your drive back home, that isn't religion, that's a façade. You are an actor/actress, not a follower.

To me, manifesting your life means putting all your faith in God, walking the walk, putting everything into the universe, and surrendering to the false control we think we carry here. We are no more in control of our lives, than we are in our heartbeat each day. It is so hard for humans to see that. There are so many illusions. Wisdom requires eyes and mind wide open. It requires transformation.

This is why I do YOGA. This is what I manifested. I asked for peace. I asked for wisdom. I asked to be a better person. I asked for confidence. I asked for healing. I asked for a healthier life. I asked for growth. I asked for happiness. I asked to do good in this world. Over and over and over, I asked. I believed. I received.

I manifested my disaster of a career demise to receive all of these things I sought in return. I didn't fight it. I manifested the tears I cried, I manifested my heartache, I manifested my losses. I manifested it all so that I can be here, now, and see.

I choose to believe that is exactly who God is and what God does. There are many books to read and many other opinions. I wanted to share mine.

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